Oracle BPM Assessment

Welcome to the BPM Assessment

Discover if your company is lagging or leading due to BPM readiness

Simply answer 15 multiple choice questions to find out and receive:

  • Your BPM Ratings

    Your company's overall and detailed BPM domain ratings

  • How You Compare to Your Competitors and Peers

    Find out if your BPM implementation is leading or lagging

  • Customized Guidance to Advance Your BPM Strategy

    Receive a customized report based on your answers to provide you next steps to transition your application infrastructure from "cost center" to competitive weapon

  • Business Strategy

    Contains capabilities that provide the high-level constructs that allow the BPM initiative to proceed. This includes such things as business motivation, expected benefits, guiding principles, funding model and expected costs.

  • Architecture

    Contains capabilities concerning the definitions of the overall architecture and guidelines for various practitioners to ensure adherence to the architecture.

  • Infrastructure

    Contains capabilities concerning the BPM infrastructure and tools that provide the technical foundation for the BPM initiative.

  • Information

    Contains capabilities concerning the information aspects of BPM, such as data quality, shared data models, master data management, content management, and data integration.

  • Social Computing, User Interaction

    Collaborate in the context of the process with all process participants by using the latest social, Web, and mobile communications technology to improve productivity and unify engagement.

  • Projects, Portfolios & Services

    Contains capabilities concerning the planning and building of processes and reusable process components.

  • Organization

    Contains capabilities concerning the development of corporate competency around BPM including the organizational structure and skills development.

  • Governance

    Contains capabilities concerning the governance structures and processes that support and guide the BPM efforts. Maturity and adoption of an adequate amount of governance is a leading indicator of the overall BPM success.